Strengthening the Future for Sportfishing Along Florida's Vast Costal Waterways.

A model for state-wide collaboration

The FMFEI is coalition of public and private organizations lead by the Wildlife Foundation of Florida, a public non-profit 501(c)(3).  Managing the FMFEI is a big job and cannot be done alone. The Strategic Partners form an advisory board, lending their expertise and knowledge to ensure the success of the FMFEI. To successfully manage the FMFEI, the Strategic Partners broke into four Working Groups, each charged with managing aspects of the FMFEI:

  1. Development - seek funding from various sources to ensure the success of the FMFEI.
  2. Fish Propagation - employ the best available science practices and strategies for fisheries enhancement to ensure the success of the FMFEI.
  3. Ecosystem Restoration - prioritize ecosystem restoration efforts that enhance marine fishery habitat.
  4. Education/Outreach - educate current and future generations about the importance and value of the resource.

These four specialized Working Groups are the pillars supporting the FMFEI. Currently all four groups are actively working on plans for their specialized areas, while all Strategic Partners coordinate efforts on the Education/Outreach front. The Working Groups have begun posting their plans to this site.  Please visit our Forum and Blog areas to review and comment on the plans.